Facebook invites telecommunications experts to register for the 2021 Connectivity Research Workshop

Facebook Connectivity invites telecommunications experts from around the world to attend the 2021 Connectivity Research Workshop on May 18. Those interested can register at the link below by 5:00 pm PDT on Monday, May 17.


Internet access has become more important than ever, and the COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the need for internet inclusion. It gives us an important channel to connect with our friends and family, prepares us for the technology-intensive jobs of tomorrow, and enables us to participate in the broader economy. Further, according to the recent World Bank report on 4G/5G universal broadband, internet access is increasingly seen as a cornerstone for sustainable development.

However, many people around the world still do not have access to mobile connectivity, and technology innovations are needed to help close this gap. To provide connectivity in rural regions, for example, we have to overcome many challenges, including lack of infrastructure, high development costs, and lack of tailored technical solutions. In urban areas, affordability is a persistent challenge in many areas. In addition, rapid increase of data traffic means telecommunication networks are stressed and future internet performance is at risk.

These complex challenges require innovative business and tech solutions. At Facebook Connectivity, our mission is to bring more people online to a faster internet. To ensure relevance and impact, we need input from thought leaders in industry and academia to identify the most relevant challenges and the most promising solution elements. We need to work together to ensure that our research and development efforts contribute to impactful solution sets.

Over the past several years, we’ve used input from experts to guide our research activities, including the V-band mmWave Channel Sounder program and the diffractive non-line-of-sight wireless backhaul project.

To continue our progress in rural connectivity, Facebook Connectivity is inviting some of our key partners to share their thoughts on our collaborative research activities. The workshop will feature presentations from the following attendees:

  • Alex Aimé, Director of Network Investments, Facebook
  • Renan Ruiz, CTO, Internet para Todos de Peru
  • Omar Tupayachi Calderón, CEO, Mayu Telecomunicaciones
  • Roberto Nogueira, CEO, Brisanet
  • Grace Chen, Product Manager, Facebook

To register for the workshop, click the link below. Registration closes at 5:00 pm PDT on Monday, May 17.


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