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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the field developing computers and robots capable of parsing data contextually to provide requested information, supply analysis, or trigger events based on findings. Through techniques like machine learning and neural networks, companies globally are investing in teaching machines to ‘think’ more like humans. Below are some of the latest AI news from the industry:

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A Tour of SavedModel Signatures

Posted by Daniel Ellis, TensorFlow Engineer Note: This blog post is aimed at TensorFlow developers who want to learn the details of how graphs and models are stored. If you are new to TensorFlow, you should check out the TensorFlow Basics guides before reading this article. TensorFlow can run models without the original Python objects, as demonstrated by T ...

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Transfer Learning for Audio Data with YAMNet

Posted by Luiz GUStavo Martins, Developer Advocate Transfer learning is a popular machine learning technique, in which you train a new model by reusing information learned by a previous model. Most common applications of transfer learning are for the vision domain, to train accurate image classifiers, or object detectors, using a small amount of data -- or ...