2021 Request for Proposals: Faculty awards to support machine learning courses, diversity, and inclusion

Posted by Josh Gordon for the TensorFlow team

Google AI and the TensorFlow team have a funding opportunity open to universities. If you’re a faculty member interested in teaching machine learning courses, and/or leading or contributing to diversity initiatives, please read on to learn more. We have parallel goals for these awards, and you may apply for funding with one or both in mind.

  • We want to support you as you lead or contribute to diversity initiatives that widen access to ML education for currently underrepresented groups in computer science. We are especially interested in programs that include a clear focus on cultivating and retaining a “critical mass” of students, and that encourage students to pursue graduate study and/or future careers in ML.
  • We want to support you as you design, develop, and teach undergraduate or graduate level machine learning courses that include examples with open-source libraries. We would like to support courses that teach practical, in-demand skills, and to support courses that prepare students to solve new and challenging problems using ML in applied areas, such as healthcare, journalism, basic science, and others.

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We especially welcome proposals that combine these goals, proposals that include cross-institutional collaborations, and proposals that include collaborations between faculty and graduate students. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

To learn more, please see the RFP at goo.gle/tensorflow-rfp. Please note that the submission deadline is July 30th, 2021. For questions, you can reach out to tensorflow-rfp@google.com.

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