A new YouTube show: TensorFlow.js Community Show & Tell

Posted by Jason Mayes, Developer Relations Engineer for TensorFlow.js

The TensorFlow YouTube channel has a new show called “TensorFlow.js Community Show & Tell.” In this program, we highlight amazing tech demos from the TensorFlow.js community every quarter. Our next show will be on 11th December 9AM PT over on the TensorFlow YouTube channel, but if you missed the previous ones, you can find past episodes on this playlist.

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About the show

Do you love great tech demos that push the boundaries of what is possible for a given industry? If that sounds like you and you’re looking for fresh inspiration, along with insights from the engineers themselves, then this may be the YouTube show for you.

After hacking with many wonderful folk in the TensorFlow.js community it became clear to us that the creativity and the work you were producing was simply incredible. For that reason, we have put together a brand new format, known as the TensorFlow Show & Tell to showcase top projects that are being made and give developers a platform to share their work. With many subscribers who are as passionate about machine learning as we are, we figured this was a great way to do that and connect great minds.

If you missed our latest show you can check our most recent broadcast here:

We have seen a whole bunch of amazing demos on the first 3 shows using machine learning in truly novel ways. From making music from thin air using your hands which is then web connected to a Tesla coil (yes, that actually happened), to combining machine learning models with mind blowing mixed reality and 3D graphics, we have had a good variety of presenters from all around the world.

Who has presented so far?

We’ve had 25 presenters, and there are more in the making!

1st Show: Rogerio Chaves (Netherlands), Max Bittker (USA), Junya Ishihara (Japan), Ben Farrell (USA), Lizzie Siegle (USA), Manish Raj (India), Yiwen Lin (UK), Jimmy (Thailand)

2nd Show: Cyril Diagne (France), John Cohn (USA), Va Barbosa (USA), FollowTheDarkside (Japan), Jaume Sanchez (UK), Olesya Chernyavskaya (Russia), Alexandre Devaux (France), Amruta (India), Shan Huan (China).

3rd Show: Gant Laborde (USA), Hugo Zanini (Brazil), Charlie Gerard (Amsterdam), Shivay Lamba (India), Anders Jessen (Denmark), Benson Ruan (Australia), Cristina Maillo (Spain), James Seo (USA).

How can I get on the show?

If you have made something using TensorFlow.js simply use the #MadeWithTFJS hashtag over on Twitter or LinkedIn with a post demonstrating your creation and link to try it out. We will select our top picks each quarter to be featured in the show and reach out to you directly if you are selected. You can view existing submissions for Twitter as an example.

I missed an episode – where can I view them?

Catch up on previous live episodes via this playlist, and if you wish to watch shorter bite sized videos over a coffee break you can do so with the Made With TensorFlow.js playlist to allow you to watch just the ones that are relevant to you on demand.

When is the next show?

Join us in December for the next show and tell – we have 6 wonderful new demos lined up. We’re aiming for 11th December, 9AM PT, over on the TensorFlow YouTube channel.

Be sure to subscribe and click the bell icon to set notifications for when new videos are posted (we are aiming for every quarter), or add a Google calendar reminder and see you there!

Also, if you enjoyed the show and would like to see this format replicated for TensorFlow Core, TensorFlow Lite, and more, let us know! You can drop me a message on Twitter or LinkedIn – would love to see what you have made.


A huge thank you to all 24 of our show & tell presenters thus far, and to the amazing community who have submitted projects or helped tag amazing finds for us to reach out to. You truly make this show what it is and we are super excited to see even more in the future and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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