Announcing AWS Media Intelligence Solutions

Today, we’re pleased to announce the availability of AWS Media Intelligence (AWS MI) solutions, a combination of services that empower you to easily integrate AI into your media content workflows. AWS MI allows you to analyze your media, improve content engagement rates, reduce operational costs, and increase the lifetime value of media content. With AWS MI, you can choose turnkey solutions from participating AWS Partners or use AWS Solutions to enable rapid prototyping. These solutions cover four important use cases: content search and discovery, captioning and localization, compliance and brand safety, and content monetization.

The demand for media content in the form of audio, video and images is growing at an unprecedented rate. Consumers are relying on content not only to entertain, but also to educate and facilitate purchasing decisions. To meet this demand, media content production is exploding. However, the process of producing, distributing, and monetizing this content is often complex, expensive and time consuming. Applying AI and machine learning (ML) capabilities like image and video analysis, audio transcription, machine translation, and text analytics can solve many of these problems. AWS continues to invest with leading technology and consulting partners to meet customer requests for ready-to-use ML capabilities across the most popular use cases.

AWS Media Intelligence use cases

AWS MI solutions are powered by AWS AI services, like Amazon Rekognition for image and video analysis, Amazon Transcribe for audio transcription, Amazon Comprehend for natural language comprehension, and Amazon Translate for language translation.

As a result, AWS MI can process and analyze media assets to automatically generate metadata from images, video, and audio content for downstream workloads at scale. Together, these solutions support AWS MI’s four primary use cases:

Search and discovery

Search and discovery use cases utilize AWS image and speech recognition capabilities to perform automatic metadata tagging on media assets and object identification such as logos and characters to create searchable indexes. Historically, humans would manually review and annotate content to facilitate search. This reduces the amount of human-led annotation, content production costs, and highlight generation efforts. AWS Partners CLIPr, Dalet, EditShare, Empress Media Asset Management, Evertz, GrayMeta, IMT, Keycore, Quantiphi, PromoMii, SDVI, Starchive, Synchronized, and TrackIt all offer off-the-shelf solutions built on top of AWS AI/ML technology to meet highly specific customer needs.

Customers who are using Search and discovery solutions include TF1, a French free-to-air television channel owned by TF1 Group. They work with Synchronized, an AWS MI

Technology Partner who provides turnkey search and discovery solutions for broadcasters and over the top (OTT) platforms. Nicolas Lemaitre, the Digital Director for the TF1 Group says, “Due to the ever-increasing size of the MYTF1 catalog, manual delivery of editorial tasks, such as the creation of thumbnails, is no longer scalable. Synchronized’s Media Intelligence solution and its applied artificial intelligence allow us to automate part of these tasks and enhance our premium content. We can now process bulk video content rapidly and with high quality control reducing cost and time to market.”

Subtitling and localization

Subtitling and localization use cases increase user engagement and reach by using our speech recognition and machine translation services to produce subtitles in the languages that cater to a diverse audience. CaptionHub and EEG are AWS Partners that combine their own expertise with AWS AI/ML capabilities to offer rich subtitling and localization solutions.

As an international financial services provider, Allianz SE offers over 100 million customers worldwide products and solutions in insurance and asset management. They work with CaptionHub, an AWS Technology

Partner who provides an AI-powered platform for enterprise subtitles powered by Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Translate. Steve Flynn, the marketing manager at Allianz says, “Video is a fast growing tool for internal education and external marketing for Allianz, globally. We had a large backlog of videos that we needed to transcribe where speed of production was the imperative factor. With AWS Partner CaptionHub, we have been able to speed up the initial transcription and translation of captions by using speech recognition and machine translation. I am producing the captions in 1/8th of the time I did before. The speech recognition accuracy has been impressive and adds a new dimension of professionalism to our videos. ”

Compliance and brand safety

With fully managed image, video or speech analysis APIs, compliance and brand safety capabilities make it easy to detect inappropriate, unwanted, or offensive content to increase brand safety and comply with content standards or regional regulations. AWS Partners offering Compliance and brand safety solutions include Dalet, EditShare, GrayMeta, Quantiphi and SDVI.

SmugMug is a photo sharing,

photo hosting service, and online video company that operates two large Internet-scale platforms: SmugMug & Flickr. Don MacAskill, the co-founder, CEO, & Chief Geek at Smugmug says, “As a large, global platform, unwanted content is extremely risky to the health of our community and can alienate photographers. We use Amazon Rekognition’s content moderation feature to find and properly flag unwanted content, enabling a safe and welcoming experience for our community. Especially at Flickr’s huge scale, doing this without Amazon Rekognition is nearly impossible. Now, thanks to content moderation with Amazon Rekognition, our platform can automatically discover and highlight amazing photography that more closely matches our members’ expectations, enabling our mission to inspire, connect, and share.”

Content monetization

Lastly, you can boost ROI with our newest content monetization solutions that are contextual and effective. This is an area in which ML drives innovation that aims to deliver the right ads at the right time to the right consumer based on context. Contextual advertising increases advertisers return on investment while minimizing disruption to viewers. With content monetization solutions, you can generate rich metadata from audio and visual assets that allows you to optimize ad insertion placement and automatically identify sponsorship opportunities. Any organization seeking online media advertising optimization can benefit from solutions from AWS Partners Infinitive, Quantiphi, TrackIt, or TripleLift.

TripleLift is an AWS Technology Partner that provides a programmatic advertising platform powered by AWS MI. Tastemade, a leading food and lifestyle brand, has deployed TripleLift ad experiences in over 200 episodes of their programming. Jeff Imberman, Tastemade’s Head of Sales and Brand Partnerships, says “TripleLift’s deep learning-based video analysis provides us with a scalable solution for finding thousands of moments for inserting integrated ad experiences in programming, supplementing a high touch marketing function with artificial intelligence.”

AWS Media Intelligence Partners

Swami Sivasubramanian, the VP of Amazon Machine Learning at AWS says, “The volume of media content that our customers are creating and managing is growing exponentially. Customers can dramatically reduce the time and cost requirements to produce, distribute and monetize media content at scale with AWS Media Intelligence and its underlying AI services. We are excited to announce these solutions backed by a strong group of AWS Technology and Consulting Partners. They are committed to delivering turnkey solutions that enable our customers to easily achieve the benefits of ML transformation while removing the heavy lifting needed to integrate ML capabilities into their existing media content workflows.”

AWS Partners that provide AWS MI solutions include AWS Technology Partners: CaptionHub, CLIPr, Dalet, EditShare, EEG Video, Empress, Evertz, GrayMeta, IMT, PromoMii, SDVI, Starchive, Synchronized, and TripleLift. For customers who require a custom solution or seek additional assistance with AWS MI, AWS Consulting Partners: Infinitive, KeyCore, Quantiphi, and TrackIt can help.

For more than 50 years, Evertz has specialized in connecting content creators and audiences by simplifying complex broadcast and new-media workflows, including delivering captioning and subtitling services via the cloud. Martin Whittaker, Technical Director of MAM and Automation at Evertz, says, “Effective captioning is increasingly used as a tool to drive engagement with audiences who are streaming video content in public spaces or in other regions around the world. Using Amazon Transcribe, Evertz’s Emmy Award-winning Mediator-X cloud playout platform delivers a cost-effective way to generate and receive speech-to-text caption and subtitle files at scale. Mediator’s Render-X transcode engine converts caption files into different formats for use across all terrestrial, direct to consumer (D2C) and OTT TV channels or video on demand (VOD) deliveries, eliminating redundancies in resourcing.”

PromoMii provides video content editing tools powered by AWS AI services such as Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Rekognition, and Amazon Transcribe. Michael Moss, Co-founder and CEO of PromoMii says, “AI creates a paradigm shift in virtually every sector, especially in video editing. With Nova, our video editing platform powered by AWS Media Intelligence, our customers are able to save 70% on video editing time and reduce costs by up to 97%. Now Disney and other customers are able to produce a quantitatively higher amount of quality content. Working closely with AWS MI helps us to develop and deploy our technology at a faster pace to meet market demand. What would have taken us weeks before, now only takes a matter of days or even hours.”

AWS solutions and open source frameworks for Media Intelligence

AWS Solutions for MI provide an accelerator and pattern for partners or customers who want to build internally without starting from the ground up. Media2Cloud is a serverless, open source solution for seamless media ingestion into AWS and to export assets into a Media Asset Management (MAM) system used by many of our MI partners. Media2Cloud has pre-built mechanisms to augment content with ML-generated descriptive metadata powered by AWS AI services for search and discovery.

AWS Content Analysis solution enables customers to perform automated video content analysis using a serverless application model to generate meaningful insights through machine learning (ML) generated metadata. The solution leveraging AWS image and video analysis, speech transcription, machine translation and text analytics.

The custom brand detection solution is specifically built to help content producers prepare a dataset and train models to identify and detect specific brands on videos and images. This combines Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels and Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth.

You can also create an ad insertion solution by combining Amazon Rekognition with AWS Elemental MediaTailor. MediaTailor is a channel assembly and personalized ad insertion solution for video providers to create linear OTT channels using existing video content and monetize those channels, or other live streams and VOD content.

Get started with AWS Media Intelligence

With AWS, you have access to a range of options including AWS Technology and Consulting Partners and open source projects that help you get started with AWS Media Intelligence

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