Announcing PyTorch Developer Day 2020

Starting this year, we plan to host two separate events for PyTorch: one for developers and users to discuss core technical development, ideas and roadmaps called “Developer Day”, and another for the PyTorch ecosystem and industry communities to showcase their work and discover opportunities to collaborate called “Ecosystem Day” (scheduled for early 2021).

The PyTorch Developer Day (#PTD2) is kicking off on November 12, 2020, 8AM PST with a full day of technical talks on a variety of topics, including updates to the core framework, new tools and libraries to support development across a variety of domains. You’ll also see talks covering the latest research around systems and tooling in ML.

For Developer Day, we have an online networking event limited to people composed of PyTorch maintainers and contributors, long-time stakeholders and experts in areas relevant to PyTorch’s future. Conversations from the networking event will strongly shape the future of PyTorch. Hence, invitations are required to attend the networking event.

All talks will be livestreamed and available to the public.

Visit to learn more. We look forward to welcoming you to PyTorch Developer Day on November 12th!

Thank you,

The PyTorch team

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