Announcing TensorFlow Official Build Collaborators

Posted by Rostam Dinyari, Nitin Srinivasan, Douglas Yarrington and Rishika Sinha of the TensorFlow team

Starting with TensorFlow 2.10, we are excited to announce our collaboration with Intel, AWS, ARM, and Linaro to develop official TensorFlow builds. This means that when you pip install TensorFlow on Windows Native and Linux Aarch64 hosts, you will receive a build of TensorFlow that has been reviewed and vetted by these platform experts. This happens transparently, and there are no changes to your workflow . We’ve updated the pip install scripts so it’s automatic for you.

Official builds are TensorFlow releases that follow rigorous functional and performance testing standards Google engineers and our collaborators publish with each release, which we align with our published support expectations under the SIG Build forum. Collaborators monitor the builds daily and publish artifacts to the community in coordination with the overall TensorFlow release schedule.

For the majority of use cases, there will be no changes to the behavior of pip install or pip uninstall TensorFlow. However, for Windows Native and Linux Aarch64 based systems an additional pip uninstall step may be needed. You can find details about install, uninstall and other best practices on

Over time, we expect the number of collaborators to expand but for now we want to share with you the progress we have made together to release increasingly performant and robust builds for these important platforms. You can learn more about each of the collaborations below.

Intel Collaboration

We are pleased to share that Intel has joined the 3P Official Build program to take ownership over Windows Native CPU builds. This will include responsibility for managing both nightly and final production releases. We and Intel do not expect this to disrupt end user experiences; users simply install TensorFlow as usual and the Intel produced Python binary artifacts (wheel files) will be correctly installed.

AWS, ARM and Linaro Collaboration

We are especially pleased to announce the availability of official builds for ARM Aarch64, specifically tuned for AWS Graviton instances. Together, the experts at Linaro have supported Google, AWS and ARM to ensure a highly performant version of TensorFlow is available on the emerging class of Aarch64 devices.

Next steps

These changes should be transparent for most users. You can learn more at

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