DeepMind Health Response to Independent Reviewers’ Report 2018

When we set up DeepMind Health we believed that pioneering technology should be matched with pioneering oversight. Thats why when we launched in February 2016, we did so with an unusual and additional mechanism: a panel of Independent Reviewers, who meet regularly throughout the year to scrutinise our work. This is an innovative approach within tech companies – one that forces us to question not only what we are doing, but how and why we are doing it – and we believe that their robust challenges make us better. In their report last year, the Independent Reviewers asked us important questions about our engagement with stakeholders, data governance, and the behavioural elements that need to be considered when deploying new technologies in clinical environments. Weve done a lot over the past twelve months to address these questions, and were really proud that this years Annual Report recognises the progress weve made.Of course, this years report includes a series of new recommendations for areas where we can continue to improve, which well be working on in the coming months. In particular:Were developing our longer-term business model and roadmap, and look forward to sharing our ideas once theyre further ahead. Rather than charging for the early stages of our work, our first priority has been to prove that our technologies can help improve patient care and reduce costs.Read More