Kyrgyzstan to King’s Cross: the star baker cooking up code

My day can vary, it really depends on which phase of the project I’m on. Let’s say we want to add a feature to our product – my tasks could range from designing solutions and working with the team to find the best one, to deploying new features into production and doing maintenance. Along the way, I’ll communicate changes to our stakeholders, write docs, code and test solutions, build analytics dashboards, clean-up old code, and fix bugs.Read More

Building a culture of pioneering responsibly

Building a culture of pioneering responsibly

When I joined DeepMind as COO, I did so in large part because I could tell that the founders and team had the same focus on positive social impact. In fact, at DeepMind, we now champion a term that perfectly captures my own values and hopes for integrating technology into people’s daily lives: pioneering responsibly. I believe pioneering responsibly should be a priority for anyone working in tech. But I also recognise that it’s especially important when it comes to powerful, widespread technologies like artificial intelligence. AI is arguably the most impactful technology being developed today. It has the potential to benefit humanity in innumerable ways – from combating climate change to preventing and treating disease. But it’s essential that we account for both its positive and negative downstream impacts.Read More

Open-sourcing MuJoCo

In October 2021, we announced that we acquired the MuJoCo physics simulator, and made it freely available for everyone to support research everywhere. We also committed to developing and maintaining MuJoCo as a free, open-source, community-driven project with best-in-class capabilities. Today, we’re thrilled to report that open sourcing is complete and the entire codebase is on GitHub! Here, we explain why MuJoCo is a great platform for open-source collaboration and share a preview of our roadmap going forward.Read More

From LEGO competitions to DeepMind's robotics lab

From LEGO competitions to DeepMind’s robotics lab

If you want to be at DeepMind, go for it. Apply, interview, and just try. You might not get it the first time but that doesn’t mean you can’t try again. I never thought DeepMind would accept me, and when they did, I thought it was a mistake. Everyone doubts themselves – I’ve never felt like the smartest person in the room. I’ve often felt the opposite. But I’ve learned that, despite those feelings, I do belong and I do deserve to work at a place like this. And that journey, for me, started with just trying.Read More