Expanding our research on breast cancer screening to Japan

Japanese version followsSix months ago, we joined a groundbreaking new research partnership led by the Cancer Research UK Imperial Centre at Imperial College London to explore whether AI technology could help clinicians diagnose breast cancers on mammograms quicker and more effectively.Breast cancer is a huge global health problem. Around the world, over 1.6 million people are diagnosed with the disease every single year, and 500,000 lose their life to it partly because accurately detecting and diagnosing breast cancer still remains a huge challenge.Working alongside leading breast cancer experts, clinicians and academics in the UK, weve been exploring whether machine learning (a form of AI) could help address this issue.Today, were delighted to announce that this project is expanding internationally, with The Jikei University Hospital, one of Japans foremost medical institutions, joining the collaborationas part of a wider five year partnership they have signed with DeepMind Health.For the purposes of this research, they will be working with us to analyse historic, de-identified mammograms from around 30,000 women taken at the hospital between 2007 and 2018.Read More