Fast and Furio: Artist Accelerates Rendering on the Go with NVIDIA RTX Laptop

No traveling for work? No problem — at least not for character concept artist Furio Tedeschi.

Tedeschi has worked on films like Transformers and Bumblebee: The Movie, as well as games like Mass Effect: Andromeda from Bioware. Currently, he’s working on the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 video game.

No stranger to working while traveling, Tedeschi often goes from one place to another for his projects. So he’s always been familiar with using a workstation that can keep up with his mobility.

But when the coronavirus pandemic hit, the travel stopped. Tedeschi had a workstation setup at home, so he adjusted quickly to remote work. However, he didn’t want to be chained to his desk, and he wanted a mobile device that could handle the complexity of his designs.

With the Lenovo ThinkPad P53 accelerated by the NVIDIA RTX 5000 GPU, Tedeschi gets the speed and performance he needs to handle massive scenes and render graphics in real time, no matter where he works from.

All images courtesy of Furio Tedeschi.

RTX-tra Boost for Remote Rendering Work

One of the biggest challenges Tedeschi faced was migrating projects, which often contained heavy scenes, from his desktop workstation to a mobile setup.

He used to reduce file sizes and renders because his previous laptop couldn’t run complex graphics workflows. But with the RTX laptop, Tedeschi has enough power to quickly migrate his scenes without slowing anything down. He no longer has to reduce scene sizes because the RTX 5000 can easily handle them at full quality across the creative applications he uses to work on scenes.

“The RTX laptop has made working on the move very comfortable for me, as it packs enough power to handle even some of the heavier scenes I use for concepts,” said Tedeschi. “Now I feel 100 percent comfortable knowing I can work on renders when I go back to traveling.”

With the RTX-powered Lenovo ThinkPad P53, he gets speed and performance that’s similar to his workstation at home. The laptop allows Tedeschi to see the models and scenes from every single view, all in real time.

When it comes to his artistic style, Tedeschi likes to focus on form and shapes, and he uses applications like ZBrush and KeyShot to create his designs. After using the RTX-powered mobile workstation, Tedeschi experienced massive rendering improvements with both applications.

With KeyShot specifically, the GPU rendering is “leaps faster and gives instant feedback through the render viewpoint,” according to Tedeschi.

The faster workflows, combined with the ability to see his concepts running in real time, allows Tedeschi to choose better angles and lighting and get closer to bringing his ideas to life in a final image. This results in reduced prep time, faster productions and even less stress.

With Keyshot, ZBrush and Photoshop all running at the same time, the laptop’s battery lasts up to two hours without being plugged in, so Tedeschi can easily get in the creative flow and work on designs from anywhere in his house without being distracted.

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