GFN Thursday Set to Evolve as Biomutant Comes to GeForce NOW on May 25

GeForce NOW is always evolving, and so is this week’s GFN Thursday. Biomutant, the new open-world action RPG from Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic, is coming to GeForce NOW when it releases on May 25.

Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

Biomutant puts you in the role of an anthropomorphic rodent with swords, guns and martial arts moves to explore a strange, new open world. Your kung fu creature will evolve as you play thanks to the game’s mutations system, granting new powers and resistances to help you on your journey.

Each mutation will change how you fight and survive, with combat that challenges you to build ever-increasing attack combinations. You’ll mix and match melee attacks, ranged weapons and Psi powers to emerge victorious.

As you evolve your warrior’s abilities, you’ll also change your in-game look. Players will craft new weapons and armor from items found during their adventures. For gamers who love customizing their build, Biomutant looks to be a dream game.

Adventure Across Your Devices

PC gamers have been eagerly anticipating Biomutant’s release, and now GeForce NOW members will be able to take their adventure with them at GeForce quality, across nearly all of their devices.

“It is great that PC gamers can play Biomutant even without relying on powerful hardware via GeForce NOW,” said Stefan Ljungqvist, art and creative director at Experiment 101.

“We love that GeForce NOW will help introduce even more players to this ever-evolving furry creature and its lush game world,” said Florian Emmerich, head of PR at THQ Nordic, Biomutant’s publisher. “Now players can discover everything we have in store for them, even if their PC isn’t the latest and greatest.”

Biomutant on GeForce NOW
There’s a gorgeous world to explore in Biomutant, and with GeForce NOW, you can explore it even on lower-powered devices.

From what we’ve seen so far, the world that Experiment 101 has built is lush and gorgeous. GeForce NOW members will get to explore it as it was meant to be seen, even on a Chromebook, Mac or mobile device.

How will you evolve when Biomutant releases on May 25? Let us know in the comments below.

Get Your Game On

What GFN Thursday is complete without more games? Members can look forward to the following this week:

Returning to GeForce NOW:

  • The Wonderful 101: Remastered (Steam)

What are you planning to play this weekend? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below.

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