Halloween-themed AWS DeepComposer Chartbusters Challenge: Track or Treat

We are back with a spooktacular AWS DeepComposer Chartbusters challenge, Track or Treat! In this challenge, you can interactively collaborate with the ghost in the machine (learning) and compose spooky music! Chartbusters is a global monthly challenge where you can use AWS DeepComposer to create original compositions on the console using machine learning techniques, compete to top the charts, and win prizes. This challenge launches today and participants can submit their compositions until October 23, 2020.

Participation is easy: you can generate spooky compositions using one of the supported generative AI techniques and models on the AWS DeepComposer console. You can add or remove notes and interactively collaborate with AI using the Edit melody feature, and can include spooky instruments in your composition.

How to compete

To participate in Track or Treat, just do the following:

  1. Go to AWS DeepComposer Music Studio and create a melody with the keyboard, import a melody, or choose a sample melody on the console.
  2. Under Generative AI technique, for Model parameters, choose Autoregressive.
  3. For Model, choose Autoregressive CNN Bach.

You have four advanced parameters that you can choose to adjust: Maximum notes to add, Maximum notes to remove, Sampling iterations, and Creative risk.

  1. After adjusting the values to your liking, choose Enhance input melody.

  1. Choose Edit melody to add or remove notes.
  2. You can also change the note duration and pitch.

  1. When finished, choose Apply changes.

  1. Repeat these steps until you’re satisfied with the generated music.
  2. To add accompaniments to your melody, switch the Generative AI technique to Generative Adversarial Networks, then choose Generate composition.
  1. Choose the right arrow next to an accompaniment track (green bar).
  2. For Instrument type, choose Spooky.

  1. When you’re happy with your composition, choose Download composition.

You can choose to post-process your composition; however, one of the judging criteria is how close your final submission is to the track generated using AWS DeepComposer.

  1. In the navigation pane, choose Chartbusters.
  2. Choose Submit a composition.
  3. Select Import a post-processed audio track and upload your composition.
  4. Provide a track name for your composition and choose Submit.

AWS DeepComposer then submits your composition to the Track or Treat playlist on SoundCloud.


You’ve successfully submitted your composition to the AWS DeepComposer Chartbusters challenge Track or Treat. Now you can invite your friends and family to listen to your creation on SoundCloud, vote for their favorite, and join the fun by participating in the competition.

Although you don’t need a physical keyboard to compete, you can buy the AWS DeepComposer keyboard for $99.00 to enhance your music generation experience. To learn more about the different generative AI techniques supported by AWS DeepComposer, check out the learning capsules available on the AWS DeepComposer console.

About the Author

Maryam Rezapoor is a Senior Product Manager with AWS AI Ecosystem team. As a former biomedical researcher and entrepreneur, she finds her passion in working backward from customers’ needs to create new impactful solutions. Outside of work, she enjoys hiking, photography, and gardening.


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