Independent Reviewers release first annual report on DeepMind Health

Today, a panel of Independent Reviewers has published itsfirst annual reportinto DeepMind Health. As I wrote in the foreword to their report (written, I add, before Id read it):We chose people who had specific expertise but also reputations for integrity, who did not hold back, who could be angry and critical Thats good for us and makes us better.The panel is made up of experts in their fields who were given full access to our work to carry out their review – a very unusual process for a tech company, but one that we hope will significantly increase scrutiny of our work and ultimately help us get it right. We are grateful for their and honesty, thoughtfulness, and the time they have spent on this complex task. You can read their full report here.As a result of this process, DeepMind Health has committed to a series of changes to our work and practices to try to set higher standards in our second year. We know we need to work harder to be responsive and accountable to the needs of a far greater cross-section of medicine and society. This includes significantly improving our work with patients and the public, and continuing on the path of greater engagement with Royal Colleges, professional bodies and many other groups in the NHS community.Read More