Matice Founder and Harvard Professor, Jessica Whited on Harnessing Regenerative Species – and AI – for Medical Breakthroughs

Scientists at Matice Biosciences are using AI to study the regeneration of tissues in animals known as super-regenerators, such as salamanders and planarians.

The goal of the research is to develop new treatments that will help humans heal from injuries without scarring.

On the latest episode of NVIDIA’s AI Podcast, host Noah Kravtiz spoke with Jessica Whited, a regenerative biologist at Harvard University and co-founder of Matice Biosciences.

Whited was inspired to start the company after her son suffered a severe injury while riding his bike.

She realized that while her work had been dedicated ultimately to limb regeneration, the short-term byproduct of it was a wealth of information that could be used to harness this regenerative science into topical treatments that can be put in the hands of everyday people, like her son and many others, who would no longer have to live with the physical scars of their trauma.

This led her to investigate the connection between regeneration and scarring.

Whited and her team are using AI to analyze the molecular and cellular mechanisms that control regeneration and scarring in super-regenerators.

They believe that by understanding these mechanisms, they can develop new treatments to help humans heal from injuries without scarring.

To learn more about Matice, please visit or follow along on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Featured Image Credit: Matice Biosciences

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