Meet our TensorFlow AI Service Partners

Posted by Amy Hsueh, TensorFlow Partnerships Lead, and Sandeep Gupta, TensorFlow Product Manager

Implementing machine learning solutions can help businesses innovate, but it can be a challenge if companies don’t have the knowledge, experience, or resources in-house to get started.

That’s where our TensorFlow AI Service Partners may be able to help. We’ve selected AI/ML practitioners who have experience helping businesses implement AI/ML and TensorFlow-based solutions. We hope that these partners can help more enterprises benefit from AI-based systems and innovate faster, solve smarter, and scale bigger.

“Service partners are critical in driving large adoption of AI in the enterprise”, said Kemal El Moujahid, Director of Product Management for TensorFlow, “so we are excited to partner with some of the leading AI Service companies, who excel at building powerful solutions with TensorFlow. The breadth and diversity of business problems that these companies solve for their customers are incredible, and we are looking forward to seeing even more real-world impact with TensorFlow.”

Our selected partners are experienced in creating a range of consulting and software solutions powered by TensorFlow and other frameworks that span across the machine learning workflow, including preparing and ingesting data, training and optimizing models, and productionizing them.

TensorFlow AI Service Partners share their insights and product feedback with the TensorFlow team, helping us make enhancements and improvements that address enterprise ML needs.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with companies that have deep TensorFlow expertise and demonstrated track records in solving their customer’s business critical needs,” remarks Sarah Sirajuddin, Engineering Director of TensorFlow, “We value user feedback tremendously, and believe that the feedback and insights gathered from these partners will help us improve TensorFlow for all our users.”

Choose from our partners, ranging in geographic reach and industry specializations, all with demonstrated expertise in TensorFlow on our website or hear from them directly on why they are excited about this program on their respective blogs: Determined AI, Labelbox, Paperspace, SpringML, Stradigi AI, Quantiphi.

We look forward to seeing this program grow and adding additional partners in the future. If you’re interested in becoming a partner, check out our application guide.

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