Moving Pictures: NVIDIA, Getty Images Collaborate on Generative AI

As a sports commentator for a professional lacrosse team, Grant Farhall knows the value in having the right teammates.

As the chief product officer for Getty Images, a global visual-content creator and marketplace, he believes the collaboration between his company and NVIDIA is an excellent pairing for taking generative AI to the next level.

The companies aim to develop two generative AI models using NVIDIA Picasso, part of the new NVIDIA AI Foundations cloud services. Users could employ the models to create a custom image or video in seconds, simply by typing in a concept.

“With our high quality and often unique imagery and videos, this collaboration will give our customers the ability to create a greater variety of visuals than ever before,  helping creatives and non-creatives alike fuel visual storytelling,” Farhall said.

Getty Images is a unique partner, not only for its stunning images and video, but also its rich metadata, with appropriate rights. Its creative team and research bring a wealth of expertise that can deliver impactful outputs.

For artists, generative AI adds a new tool that expands their canvas. For content creators, it’s an opportunity to create a custom visual tailored to a brand or business they’re building.

“More often than not, it’s a visual that cuts through the noise of a busy world to capture your attention, and being able to stand out from the crowd is crucial for businesses of all shapes and sizes,” Farhall said.

Building Responsible AI

But, as in lacrosse, you need to play by the rules.

The models will be trained on Getty Images’ fully licensed content, and revenue generated from the models will provide royalties to content creators.

“Both companies want to develop these tools in a responsible way that returns benefits to creators and doesn’t pass risks on to customers, and this collaboration is testament to the fact that’s possible,” he said.

A Time-Tested Relationship

It’s not the first inning for this collaboration.

“We’ve been fostering and growing a relationship for some time — NVIDIA brings the tech expertise and talent, and we bring the high quality and unique content and marketplace,” said Farhall.

The technology, values and connections are catalysts for experiences that wow creators and users. It’s a feeling Farhall shares, sitting in front of his mic on a Saturday night.

“There’s an adrenaline rush when the live action of a game becomes your singular focus and you’re just in the moment,” he said.

And by training a custom model with NVIDIA Picasso, Getty Images and NVIDIA aim to help storytellers everywhere create more moments that perfectly capture their audiences’ attention.

To learn more about what NVIDIA is doing in generative AI and beyond, watch company founder and CEO Jensen Huang’s GTC keynote below.

Image at top courtesy Roberto Moiola/Sysaworld/Getty Images.

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