NVIDIA Spotlights GeForce Partners at COMPUTEX

Highlighting deep support from a flourishing roster of GeForce partners, NVIDIA’s Jeff Fisher delivered a virtual keynote at COMPUTEX 2021 in Taipei Tuesday.

Fisher, senior vice president of NVIDIA’s GeForce business, announced a pair of powerful new gaming GPUs — the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti and GeForce RTX 3070 Ti — and detailed the fast-growing adoption of NVIDIA RTX technologies.

The virtual keynote, which led with Fisher talking about gaming and then NVIDIA’s Manuvir Das, head of enterprise computing, talking about AI and enterprise platforms (see wrapup, here), began by highlighting NVIDIA’s deep ties to Taiwan.

Deep Roots in Taiwan

Fisher announced the release of a mod — one of thousands for the hyperrealistic flight simulator — paying tribute to Taipei.

“We miss Taipei and wish we could be there in person for COMPUTEX,” Fisher said. “So we created Taipei City in Microsoft Flight Sim and flew in virtually on a GeForce RTX 3080.”

The callout was a tribute to NVIDIA’s many close partners in Taiwan, including Acer, AOC, ASUS, GIGABYTE, MSI and Palit.

COMPUTEX is also a key gathering point for partners from around the world, including Alienware, Colorful, Dell, EVGA, Gainward, Galax, HP, Inno3D, Lenovo, PNY, Razer, ViewSonic and Zotac.

“It’s always great to talk directly to our partners, and this year we have a lot to talk about,” Fisher said.

GeForce Partners in Every Category

Throughout his talk, Fisher highlighted NVIDIA’s close ties to partners in Taiwan — and throughout the world — in gaming laptops, desktop GPUs, studio laptops and G-SYNC displays.

Thanks to decades of work with partners, gaming laptops are thriving, and Fisher spotlighted six GeForce RTX laptops from Acer, Dell and HP.

This year brought a record launch for RTX laptops, with over 140 models from every manufacturer.

Starting at $799 and featuring Max-Q, a collection of NVIDIA technologies for making gaming laptops thinner, lighter and more powerful, “there is now an RTX laptop for every gamer,” Fisher said.

Highlighting one example, Fisher announced the Alienware x15, an ultra-thin, GeForce RTX 3080 laptop.

Powered by Max-Q technologies including Dynamic Boost 2.0, WhisperMode 2.0 and Advanced Optimus, and featuring a 1440p display, “it is the world’s most powerful sub-16mm 15-inch gaming laptop,” Fisher said.

In the desktop category, the RTX family of desktop GPUs gets a new flagship gaming GPU, the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, and the GeForce RTX 3070 Ti.

NVIDIA partners announced 98 new desktop GPU products, with 11 key partners announcing new RTX 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti desktop graphics cards.

With second-generation RT Cores and third-generation Tensor Cores, the NVIDIA Ampere architecture is “our greatest generational leap ever,” Fisher said. “The 80 Ti class of GPUs represents the best of our gaming lineup.”

For 3D designers, video editors and photographers, NVIDIA developed NVIDIA Studio. These are specially configured systems, optimized and tested for creator workflows, and supported with a monthly cadence of Studio drivers, Fisher said.

NVIDIA partners announced 8 new Studio products, including six ConceptD laptops from Acer and two laptops from HP.

The 14-inch HP Envy brings the capabilities of RTX to an ultra-portable laptop that’s “great for students and creators on the go,” Fisher said.

The new Acer ConceptD offers a variety of traditional clamshell options and an Ezel sketch board design to give creators even more flexibility, Fisher said.

In displays, NVIDIA partners announced five new G-SYNC products. They included two G-SYNC ULTIMATE displays and three G-SYNC displays from Acer, MSI and ViewSonic.

“G-SYNC introduced stutter-free gaming,” Fisher said. “With over 20 trillion buttery-smooth pixels now shipped once you game with G-SYNC, there is no turning back.”

The spate of announcements — highlighted in Fisher’s keynote — are being celebrated throughout the week at COMPUTEX.

Acer, Alienware, and MSI all had special digital activations to support their new products.

“Thanks to all our partners who are just as excited as we are about reinventing this market, and are joining us in the next major leap forward,” Fisher said.


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