Predicting eye disease with Moorfields Eye Hospital

In August, we announced the first stage of our joint research partnership with Moorfields Eye Hospital, which showed how AI could match world-leading doctors at recommending the correct course of treatment for over 50 eye diseases, and also explain how it arrives at its recommendations.Now were excited to start working on the next research challenge whether we can help clinicians predict eye diseases before symptoms set in.There are two types of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), one of the most common blinding eye diseases, with 170 million sufferers worldwide. The dry form is relatively common among those over 65, and often only causes mild sight loss. However, about 15% of patients with dry AMD go on to develop the more serious form of the disease wet AMD which can cause permanent, blinding sight loss.Currently, ophthalmologists diagnose wet AMD by analysing highly detailed 3D scans of the back of the eye, called OCT scans.Read More