Putting patients at the heart of DeepMind Health

From the outset, weve wanted DeepMind Health to be a truly collaborative effort. Too much hospital IT has been developed from a top-down perspective, often repurposing technology built for completely different sectors thousands of miles away from the NHS frontline. The result: tools that remain out-of-date and imperfectly suited to clinical use, contributing to a patient safety challenge where more than 1 in 10 patients suffer harm during an in-patient stay.We think its possible to transform this through bringing some of the worlds most advanced technology to the NHS. But for this to have any chance of meaningful impact, we know it must have the input of patients and clinicians at its heart.Yesterday we took a step towards that goal by hosting our first open patient and public forum in London, with over 130 patients, carers and members of the public coming to our offices and many more watching on our livestream.Read More