PyTorch Ecosystem Day 2021 Recap and New Contributor Resources

Thank you to our incredible community for making the first ever PyTorch Ecosystem Day a success! The day was filled with discussions on new developments, trends and challenges showcased through 71 posters, 32 breakout sessions and 6 keynote speakers.

Special thanks to our keynote speakers: Piotr Bialecki, Ritchie Ng, Miquel Farré, Joe Spisak, Geeta Chauhan, and Suraj Subramanian who shared updates from the latest release of PyTorch, exciting work being done with partners, use case example from Disney, the growth and development of the PyTorch community in Asia Pacific, and latest contributor highlights.

If you missed the opening talks, you rewatch them here:

In addition to the talks, we had 71 posters covering various topics such as multimodal, NLP, compiler, distributed training, researcher productivity tools, AI accelerators, and more. From the event, it was clear that an underlying thread that ties all of these different projects together is the cross-collaboration of the PyTorch community. Thank you for continuing to push the state of the art with PyTorch!

To view the full catalogue of poster, please visit PyTorch Ecosystem Day 2021 Event Page.

New Contributor Resources

Today, we are also sharing new contributor resources that we are trying out to give you the most access to up-to-date news, networking opportunities and more.

  • Contributor Newsletter – Includes curated news including RFCs, feature roadmaps, notable PRs, editorials from developers, and more to support keeping track of everything that’s happening in our community.
  • Contributors Discussion Forum – Designed for contributors to learn and collaborate on the latest development across PyTorch.
  • PyTorch Developer Podcast (Beta) – Edward Yang, PyTorch Research Scientist, at Facebook AI shares bite-sized (10 to 20 mins) podcast episodes discussing topics about all sorts of internal development topics in PyTorch.

Thank you,

Team PyTorch

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