Recognizing the 2021 TensorFlow Contributor Awardees

Posted by the TensorFlow team

TensorFlow wouldn’t be where it is today without its bustling global community of contributors. There are many ways these developers contribute. They write code to improve TensorFlow, teach classes, answer questions on forums, and organize and host events.

We are thankful to every person that’s helped the TensorFlow community over the years. And at this year’s TensorFlow Contributor Summit, we wanted to show thanks by recognizing individuals who went above and beyond on their TensorFlow contributions in 2021.

So without further ado, we are pleased to introduce the TensorFlow Contributor Awardees of 2021!

SIG Leadership Award

Awarded to a highly active SIG

Jason Zaman, SIG Build

Active SIG Award

Awarded to an impactful Special Interest Group (SIG) leader

Sean Morgan, SIG Add-ons

TF Forum Award

Awarded to a helpful TF Forum user with many liked posts and responses

Ekaterina Dranitsyna

Diversity and Inclusion Award

Awarded to the person who made a significant effort to bring diversity into the TensorFlow ecosystem

Merve Noyan

Education Outreach Awards

Awarded to the people who made significant contributions to educational outreach

Gant Laborde

Sandeep Mistry

Community Management Award

Awarded to highly active community leaders

TensorFlow User Group Pune (TFUG Pune)

Yogesh Kulkarni, Shashank Sane, and Aditya Kane

Regional Awards

Awarded to top contributors by geographic region

Margaret Maynard-Reid, Americas

Sayak Paul, South Asia / Oceania

Chansung Park, East Asia

Ruqiya Bin Safi, Middle East / Africa

M. Yusuf Sarıgöz, Europe

Art by Margaret Maynard-Reid
Art by Margaret Maynard-Reid

Thank you again to all the TensorFlow contributors! We look forward to recognizing even more of you next year.

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