Stop, look and listen to the people you want to help

I like to take things slow. Take it slowly and get it right first time, one participant said, but was quickly countered by someone else around the table: But Im impatient, I want to see the benefits now. This exchange neatly captures many of the conversations I heard at DeepMind Healths recent Collaborative Listening Summit. It also represents, in laymans terms, the debate that tech thinkers and policy-makers are having right now about the future of artificial intelligence.The Collaborative Listening Summit brought together members of the public, patient representatives and stakeholder, and was facilitated by Ipsos MORI. The objective of the Summit: to explore how principles, co-created in earlier events with the public, patients and stakeholders, should govern DeepMind Healths operating practices and engagement with the NHS. These principles ranged from the technical for example, how evidence should inform DeepMinds practice to the societal for example, operating in the best interests of society.The challenge of how technology companies and the NHS should interact has had many of us, including myself, cautious about the risk of big technology firms leveraging their finance and power over an NHS that is under seemingly endless pressure.Read More