TensorFlow User Groups: Updates from Around the World

Posted by Soonson Kwon, Biswajeet Mallik, and Siddhant Agarwal, Program Managers

TensorFlow User Groups (or TFUGs, for short) are a community of curious, passionate machine learning developers and researchers around the world. TFUGs play an important role in helping developers share their knowledge and experience in machine learning, and the latest TensorFlow updates. Google and the TensorFlow team are proud of (and grateful for) the many TFUGs around the world, and we’re excited to see them grow and become active developer communities.

Currently, there are more than 75 TFUGs around the globe, on 6 continents, with events in more than 15 languages, engaged in many creative ways to bring developers together. In this article, we wanted to share some global updates from around the world, and information on how you can get involved. If you would like to start a TFUG, please check this page or email us.

Here are a few examples of the many activities they are running around the world.


From March 23th to April 3rd, TensorFlow User Group Mumbai hosted “10 days of ML challenge” to help developers learn about Machine Learning. (Check out this blog from a participant as well.)
TensorFlow User Group Kolkata organized TweetsOnTF a fun twitter contest from March 27th – April 17th to celebrate TensorFlow Dev Summit 2020.
TensorFlow User Group Ahmedabad conducted their first event around Machine Learning & Data Science in Industry & Research with over 100+ students and developers.


TensorFlow User Group Ibadan has been running a monthly meetup. On May 14th, they hosted an online meetup about running your models on browsers with JavaScript.

(Photo from Dec, 2019)

Mainland China

TensorFlow User Group Shanghai, TensorFlow User Group Zhuhai, and many China TFUGs hosted a TensorFlow Dev Summit 2020 viewing party.


TensorFlow User Group Turkey has been hosting an online event series. On May 17th, they hosted a session called: “NLP and Its Applications in Healthcare”. (YouTube Channel)


On May 20th, TensorFlow User Group Tokyo hosted a ”Reading Neural Network Paper meetup” with 110 researchers via online covering Explainable AI.


On May 14th, TensorFlow User Group Korea hosted an online interview with Laurence Moroney celebrating its 50K members.


On May 30th, TensorFlow User Group Melbourne will host TensorFlow.js Show & Tell to share latest creations on Machine Learning in JavaScript together with Jason Mayes, TF.js Developer Advocate.


TensorFlow User Group Vietnam organized a Webinar led by Ba Ngoc (Machine Learning GDE) and Khanh (TensorFlow Developer Advocate) on how to prepare for the recently announced TensorFlow Certification.


Also, welcome to our newest TensorFlow User Group in Casablanca (Twitter, Facebook), newly created and in the process of ramping up.

How to get involved

Those are just a few of the many of the activities TFUG are having around the world. If you would like to start a TFUG in your region, please visit this page. To find a user group near you, check out this list. And, if you have any questions regarding TFUG, email us. Thank you!
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