This month in AWS Machine Learning: October edition

Every day there is something new going on in the world of AWS Machine Learning—from launches to new to use cases to interactive trainings. We’re packaging some of the not-to-miss information from the ML Blog and beyond for easy perusing each month. Check back at the end of each month for the latest roundup.


This month we announced price drops for Amazon SageMaker, improvements to Amazon Personalize, and personal protective equipment (PPE) detection for Amazon Rekognition.

Use cases

Get ideas and architectures from AWS customers, partners, ML Heroes, and AWS experts on how to apply ML to your use case:

Explore more ML stories

Want more news about developments in ML? Check out the following stories:

  • How do you lead an organization through rapid change while keeping your customers at the forefront? Listen in to this Conversations with Leaders podcast where former Head of AI/ML for Zappos, Ameen Kazerouni, shares how he tackled that question, his thoughts on the core elements for approaching ML, investing in and up-skilling employees, and more.
  • The United States presidential election is days away. Dive into what candidates have said about the issues you care about using the Wall Street Journal’s recently launched Talk2020 tool. Talk2020 uses Amazon Kendra to allow you to search candidate transcripts using natural language capabilities. Start searching now and read more about how it was created.
  • This Wall Street Journal article examines the importance of ML in the advancement of healthcare. Discover how AWS customers like Livongo, Cambia Health, and Moderna are using ML to deliver higher-quality services and better patient outcomes.
  • With the increasing application of artificial intelligence and ML in sports analytics, AWS and Stats Perform partnered to bring ML-powered, real-time stats to the game of rugby, to enhance fan engagement and provide valuable insights into the game. Go the behind the scenes on the Kick Predictor, which predicts the probability of a successful penalty kick, computed in real time and broadcast live during the game.
  • With the help of Amazon ML Solutions Lab, the NFL’s Next Gen Stats team details how they developed a model to successfully predict the trajectories of defensive backs from when the pass is thrown to when the pass should arrive to the receiver.

Mark your calendars

Join us for the following exciting ML events:

  • If you missed it last month, be sure to catch up on SageMaker Fridays. Get started faster with machine learning with practical use cases and more, using Amazon SageMaker.
  • Registration is now open for re:Invent 2020. Don’t miss the machine learning keynote on December 8!


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