Working with the NHS to build lifesaving technology

Were very proud to announce a groundbreaking five year partnership with the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.Doctors and nurses in the NHS do a phenomenal job caring for patients, but theyre being badly let down by technology. Pagers, fax machines and paper records are still standard in most NHS hospitals, and too often top-down IT systems dont meet clinical needs because they are built far away from the frontline of patient care.This slow andoutdated technology means thatimportant changes in apatients condition often dont get brought to the attention of the right clinician in time to prevent further serious illness.When this doesnt happen, the consequences for patients can be severe, and even fatal. At least ten thousand people a year die in UK hospitals through entirely preventable causes, and some 40% of patients could avoid being admitted to intensive care, if the right clinician was able to take the right action sooner.Our partnership aims to change that, by taking a very different approach to building IT for patient care.Together we are creating world-leading technology, in close collaboration withclinicians themselves, to ensure thatthe right patient information gets to the right clinicians at the right time, reducing preventable deaths and illnesses.Read More