Accenture promotes machine learning growth with world’s largest private AWS DeepComposer Battle of the Bands League

Accenture is known for pioneering innovative solutions to achieve customer success by using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) powered solutions with AWS services. To keep teams updated with latest ML services, Accenture seeks to gamify hands-on learning. One such event, AWS DeepComposer Battle of the Bands, hosted by Accenture, is the world’s first and largest global league.

Accenture’s league spanned 16 global regions and 55 countries, with each location competing for global superstardom and a real-life gold record! With around 500 bands in the competition, Accenture employees from different skills and domain knowledge proved themselves as aspiring ML musicians, generating a playlist of 150 original songs using AWS DeepComposer. There was no shortage of fans either, with thousands of votes being cast by supportive colleagues and teammates.

Why an AWS DeepComposer Battle of Bands and why now?

According to a recent Gartner report, “Despite the global impact of COVID-19, 47% of AI investments were unchanged since the start of the pandemic and 30% of organizations actually planned to increase such investments”. Additionally, there have been few opportunities in this pandemic to share a fun and enjoyable experience with our teammates, let alone colleagues around the globe.

Accenture and their Amazon Business Group are always looking for unique and exciting ways to help employees up-skill in the latest and greatest tech. Being inspired by their massively successful annual AWS DeepRacer Grand Prix, Accenture switched out the racetrack for the big stage and created their own Battle of the Bands using AWS DeepComposer.

This Battle of the Bands brought together fans and bands from around the globe, generating thousands of views, shares, votes, and opportunities to connect, laugh, and smile together.

Education was Accenture’s number one priority when crafting the competition. The goal was to expose those unfamiliar with AWS or ML to a fun and approachable experience that would increase their confidence with this technology and start them down a path of greater learning. According to registration metrics, around half of all participants were working with AWS and ML hands-on for the first time. Participants have shared that this competition inspired them to learn more about both AWS and ML. Some feedback received included:

“I enjoyed doing something creative and tackling music, which I had no experience with previously.”

“It was fun trying to make a song with the tool and to learn about other ML techniques.”

“I was able to feel like a musician even though I don’t know much about music composition.”

A hall of fame alliance

Accenture and AWS have always demonstrated a great alliance. In 2019, Accenture hosted one of the world’s largest private AWS DeepRacer Leagues. In 2021, multiple individuals and groups participated in the AWS DeepComposer Battle of the Bands League. These bands were able to create a video to go along with their song submission, allowing for more creative freedom and a chance to stand out from the crowd. Some bands made artistic music videos, others saw an opportunity to make something funny and share laughs around the world. Going above and beyond, one contestant turned their AWS DeepComposer competition into a sing-along training video for Accenture’s core values, while another dedicated their video to honoring “sheroes” and famous women in tech.

The dedication of Accenture’s bands to the spirit of the competition really showed in the array of pun-filled band names such as “Doggo-as-a-service,” “The Oracles,” “Anna and the AlgoRhythms,” and “#000000 Sabbath.”

AWS offers a portfolio of educational devices—AWS DeepLens, AWS DeepRacer, and AWS DeepComposer—designed for developers of all skill levels to learn the fundamentals of ML in fun and practical ways. The hands-on nature of AWS AI devices makes them great tools to engage and educate employees.

Accelerating innovation with the Accenture AWS Business Group

By working with the Accenture AWS Business Group (AABG), you can learn from the resources, technical expertise, and industry knowledge of two leading innovators, helping you accelerate the pace of innovation to deliver disruptive products and services. The AABG helps you ideate and innovate cloud solutions through rapid prototype development.

Connect with our team at to learn how to use and accelerate ML in your products and services.

You can also organize your own event. To learn more about AWS DeepComposer events, see AWS DeepRacer Community Blog and also check out blog on How to run an AI powered musical challenge: “AWS DeepComposer Got Talent” to learn more about how to host your first event with AWS DeepComposer.

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