Brain Gain: NVIDIA DRIVE Orin Now Central Computer for Intelligent Vehicles

NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, our breakthrough autonomous vehicle system-on-a-chip, is the new mega brain of the software-defined vehicle.

Beyond self-driving features, NVIDIA CEO and founder Jensen Huang announced today during his GTC keynote that the SoC can power all the intelligent computing functions inside vehicles, including confidence view visualization of autonomous driving capabilities, digital clusters, infotainment and passenger interaction AI.

Slated for 2022 vehicle product lines, Orin processes more than 250 trillion operations per second while achieving systematic safety standards such as ISO 26262 ASIL-D.

Typically, vehicle functions are controlled by tens of electronic control units distributed throughout a vehicle. By centralizing control of these core domains, Orin can replace these components and simplify what has been an incredibly complex supply chain for automakers.

“The future is one central computer — four domains, virtualized and isolated, architected for functional safety and security, software-defined and upgradeable for the life of the car — in addition to super-smart AI and beautiful graphics,” Huang said.

Secure Computing for Every Need

Managing a system with multiple complex applications is incredibly difficult. And when it comes to automotive, safety is critical.

DRIVE Orin supports multiple operating systems, including Linux, QNX and Android, to enable this wide range of applications. As a high-performance compute platform architected for the highest level of safety, it does so in a way that is secure, virtualized and accelerated.

The digital cluster, driver monitoring system and AV confidence view are all crucial to ensuring the safety of a vehicle’s occupants. Each must be functionally secure, with the ability to update each application individually without requiring a system reboot.

DRIVE Orin is designed for software-defined operation, meaning it’s purpose-built to handle these continuous upgrades throughout the life of the vehicle.

The Highest Levels of Confidence

As vehicles become more and more autonomous, visualization within the cabin will be critical for building trust with occupants. And with the DRIVE Orin platform, manufacturers can integrate enhanced capability into their fleets over the life of their vehicles.

The confidence view is a rendering of the mind of the vehicle’s AI. It shows exactly what the sensor suite and perception system are detecting in real time and constructs it into a 3D surround model.

By incorporating this view in the cabin interior, the vehicle can communicate the accuracy and reliability of the autonomous driving system at every step of the journey. And occupants can gain a better understanding of how the vehicle’s AI sees the world.

As a high-performance AI compute platform, DRIVE Orin enables this visualization alongside the digital cluster, infotainment, and driver and occupant monitoring, while maintaining enough compute headroom to add new features that delight customers through the life of their vehicles.

The ability to support this multi-functionality safely and securely is what makes NVIDIA DRIVE Orin truly central to the next-generation intelligent vehicle experience.

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