Forrester Report: ‘NVIDIA GPUs Are Synonymous With AI Infrastructure’

In a new evaluation of enterprise AI infrastructure providers, Forrester Research Monday recognized NVIDIA and three of its key partners — Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft — as the leaders in AI infrastructure.

The “Forrester Wave: AI Infrastructure, Q4 2021” report states that “​​NVIDIA’s DNA is in every other AI infrastructure solution we evaluated. It’s an understatement to say that NVIDIA GPUs are synonymous with AI infrastructure.”

The report recognizes NVIDIA DGX systems and NVIDIA-accelerated offerings not only from AWS, Google and Microsoft, but also from Dell, Exxact, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Inspur, Lambda, Run: AI, Spell and Supermicro.

NVIDIA software, including NVIDIA AI Enterprise, brings full-stack AI development to the broad ecosystem of providers recognized in the Forrester report.

The news comes as multitrillion-dollar industries — from healthcare to finance to retail — are racing to put AI to work and relying on NVIDIA AI infrastructure, including NVIDIA DGX Foundry to accelerate their business transformations.

‘Rocking the World’

“AI is rocking the world,” Forrester’s team wrote.

The firm noted that 74 percent of surveyed global data and analytics decision-makers whose firm is implementing or expanding its use of AI said that adoption has had a positive impact.

“It’s rapidly gone from ‘if’ to ‘when’ to ‘now,’” Forrester reported.

The report from a leading independent research firm signals the arrival of enterprise AI in the mainstream and provides support for even more widespread adoption.

NVIDIA Positioned as a Leader for Its DGX Systems

And that requires flexible, enterprise-grade infrastructure.

“AI platform software that many of these enterprises rely on is all well and good, but it needs hearty infrastructure — compute, storage, networking — to keep AI teams working, not waiting,” Forrester’s team wrote.

NVIDIA’s DGX systems, engineered for enterprise AI workloads, scored the highest in the market presence category and received among the highest scores in the strategy category.

“Breakthroughs in deep learning around 2012 brought AI into focus, but only NVIDIA had the strategy, vision, and roadmap to invest in supporting these now mainstream AI workloads,” the Forrester report noted.

The Forrester report cited NVIDIA’s strengths in “architectural components, throughput, latency, and overall product strategy.”

“The vendor’s sweet spot for its DGX systems are for customers that want a complete system that is engineered by NVIDIA to include its latest component technology for AI workloads,” the Forrester report noted.

NVIDIA AI Available Across the Industry

With NVIDIA AI, customers can choose from any cloud provider and server maker and select from systems located in their data centers or colocation facilities, in the cloud and even on the desktop.
NVIDIA AI infrastructure supports every major cloud service provider. It’s available on the desktop from every major server and system vendor. And NVIDIA technologies can be deployed at the edge by enterprises in autonomous vehicles, robots and embedded systems.

As a result, every vendor mentioned in Forrester’s report is an NVIDIA customer, partner or NVIDIA Inception member, underscoring NVIDIA’s unique role in the industry as a full-stack AI company providing semiconductors, software and systems.

“Reference customers appreciate the vendor’s thought leadership in AI, its frameworks designed to run on NVIDIA GPUs, and having first access to chips coming out of NVIDIA R&D,” the Forrester report stated.

With widespread reports of positive results, universal support for NVIDIA enterprise AI and recognition from one of the most widely respected industry analyst firms, enterprise AI adoption is poised to accelerate.

Enterprises can experience NVIDIA-accelerated AI with NVIDIA AI Enterprise and NVIDIA DGX Foundry through the NVIDIA LaunchPad program, available free of charge in nine regions worldwide.

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